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    411010 - Fall Youth Basketball League

    Registration is open. Register online or call, (317) 881-4545.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimesLocationFeesAges      Status      Single Icon
    Add to Cart411010-06Co-Ed Grades K-111/04/19- 12/16/19M, Th, Sa 6:00P- 8:00PGreenwood High$505 years to under 8 yearsAvailableItem Details

    411030 - Fall Youth Soccer League

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimesLocationFeesAges      Status      Single Icon
    Read Notice411030-153-4.5 year old08/13/19- 09/28/19Tu, Th, Sa 5:45P- 6:30PNortheast Park$503 years to 4 years 6 monthsUnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice411030-164.5-5 year olds08/13/19- 09/28/19Tu, Th, Sa 6:30P- 7:15PNortheast Park$504 years 6 months to under 6 yearsUnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice411030-176-8 year olds08/13/19- 09/28/19Tu, Th, Sa 5:45P- 7:15PNortheast Park$506 years to under 9 yearsFullItem Details
    Read Notice411030-189-12 year olds08/13/19- 09/28/19Tu, Th, Sa 5:45P- 7:45PNortheast Park$509 years to under 13 yearsUnavailableItem Details

    411060 - Tiny T-Ball Fall League

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimesLocationFeesAges      Status      Single Icon
    Read Notice411060-06Tiny T-Ball FALL09/09/19- 10/09/19M, W 5:45P- 6:30PWoodmen Park$503 years 6 months to under 6 yearsFullItem Details

    464130 - Rock the Clock

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesDaysTimesLocationFeesAges      Status      Single Icon
    Read Notice464130-15Top of the Clock09/28/19- 09/28/19Sa 3:00P- 10:00PCity Center$2500Birth and UpFullItem Details
    Add to Cart464130-16Rockin' Stage Partne09/28/19- 09/28/19Sa 3:00P- 10:00PCity Center$1750Birth and UpAvailableItem Details
    Read Notice464130-17Fun Zone Partner09/28/19- 09/28/19Sa 3:00P- 10:00PCity Center$1250Birth and UpFullItem Details
    Read Notice464130-18Cheers to Downtown09/28/19- 09/28/19Sa 3:00P- 10:00PCity Center$1000Birth and UpFullItem Details
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