League Details:  Thursday Co-Ed Recreation

Dates: 05/02/19 - 06/13/19

#Team NameTeam ColorWLTWin Pct.StandingSportsmanship ScorePrimary Contact
1SlicersBlack/Blue500 1.001 0.00N/A
4Sweaty & Ready
310 0.752 0.00N/A
2Out of Our League
320 0.603 0.00N/A
6Who's on FirstMaroon/Grey320 0.604 0.00N/A
3Blackout Bandits
220 0.505 0.00N/A
5Pitches Be Crazy
140 0.206 0.00N/A
7Atterbury Eagles
140 0.207 0.00N/A
8One Click
140 0.208 0.00N/A


League Schedule For:  Thursday Co-Ed Recreation

DatetimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
05/09/20196:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkOne Click3Who's on First9
05/09/20197:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkAtterbury Eagles6Slicers9
05/09/20198:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkOut of Our League11Pitches Be Crazy5
05/23/20196:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkOne Click1Out of Our League14
05/23/20197:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkWho's on First2Sweaty & Ready8
05/23/20198:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkAtterbury Eagles9Blackout Bandits3
05/23/20199:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkPitches Be Crazy2Slicers10
05/30/20196:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkPitches Be Crazy12Blackout Bandits13
05/30/20197:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSlicers8Sweaty & Ready4
05/30/20198:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkWho's on First4Out of Our League11
05/30/20199:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkAtterbury Eagles0One Click7
06/06/20196:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkWho's on First10Atterbury Eagles0
06/06/20197:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkBlackout Bandits5Slicers12
06/06/20198:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkPitches Be Crazy15One Click2
06/06/20199:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSweaty & Ready13Out of Our League3
06/13/20196:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSweaty & Ready13Atterbury Eagles4
06/13/20197:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkBlackout Bandits9One Click8
06/13/20198:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSlicers10Out of Our League7
06/13/20199:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkPitches Be Crazy8Who's on First9
06/20/20196:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSweaty & Ready0Pitches Be Crazy0
06/20/20197:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkOut of Our League0Atterbury Eagles0
06/20/20198:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkBlackout Bandits0Who's on First0
06/20/20199:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSlicers0One Click0
06/27/20196:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkOut of Our League0Blackout Bandits0
06/27/20197:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkAtterbury Eagles0Pitches Be Crazy0
06/27/20198:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkOne Click0Sweaty & Ready0
06/27/20199:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSlicers0Who's on First0
07/11/20196:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkBlackout Bandits0Sweaty & Ready0
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