League Details:  Thursday Co-Ed Recreation

Dates: 07/19/18 - 08/23/18

#Team NameTeam ColorWLTWin Pct.StandingSportsmanship ScorePrimary Contact
2SlicersBlack/Blue700 1.001 0.00N/A
8Sweaty & Ready
700 1.002 0.00N/A
7All or Nothing
520 0.713 0.00N/A
1Out of Our League
430 0.574 0.00N/A
4Quit Your Pitching
250 0.295 0.00N/A
6Half Fast TeamBlack/Red250 0.296 0.00N/A
5Saved by the Ballsgray160 0.147 0.00N/A
3Mount Pleasant
070 0.008 0.00N/A


League Schedule For:  Thursday Co-Ed Recreation

DatetimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
07/19/20186:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkQuit Your Pitching8Saved by the Balls4
07/19/20187:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSlicers11All or Nothing10
07/19/20188:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkMount Pleasant5Half Fast Team14
07/19/20189:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkOut of Our League1Sweaty & Ready11
07/26/20186:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkAll or Nothing6Out of Our League5
07/26/20187:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSweaty & Ready14Half Fast Team1
07/26/20188:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSlicers14Saved by the Balls3
07/26/20189:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkMount Pleasant10Quit Your Pitching11
08/02/20186:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkOut of Our League15Half Fast Team9
08/02/20187:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkAll or Nothing12Saved by the Balls2
08/02/20188:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSweaty & Ready11Quit Your Pitching1
08/02/20189:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSlicers11Mount Pleasant2
08/09/20186:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkAll or Nothing12Quit Your Pitching2
08/09/20187:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkMount Pleasant3Sweaty & Ready9
08/09/20188:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSlicers14Out of Our League7
08/09/20189:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSaved by the Balls5Half Fast Team11
08/23/20186:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkHalf Fast Team6All or Nothing14
08/23/20187:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkMount Pleasant4Out of Our League11
08/23/20188:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSaved by the Balls2Sweaty & Ready15
08/23/20189:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkQuit Your Pitching2Slicers11
08/30/20186:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSaved by the Balls15Mount Pleasant8
08/30/20187:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkOut of Our League13Quit Your Pitching6
08/30/20188:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkHalf Fast Team4Slicers14
08/30/20189:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkAll or Nothing9Sweaty & Ready10
09/06/20186:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkHalf Fast Team5Out of Our League8
09/06/20187:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkMount Pleasant4Sweaty & Ready14
09/06/20188:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkQuit Your Pitching4All or Nothing14
09/06/20189:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSaved by the Balls6Slicers14
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