League Details:  Wednesday Co-Ed Recreation

Dates: 05/01/19 - 06/12/19

#Team NameTeam ColorWLTWin Pct.StandingSportsmanship ScorePrimary Contact
2Hit Squad
300 1.001 0.00N/A
6M&S Counseling
200 1.002 0.00N/A
210 0.673 0.00N/A
8Scared Hitless
210 0.674 0.00N/A
110 0.505 0.00N/A
1Wheres my pitches at
030 0.006 0.00N/A
4Sons of Pitches
020 0.007 0.00N/A
5Balls Deep
020 0.008 0.00N/A


League Schedule For:  Wednesday Co-Ed Recreation

DatetimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
05/01/20196:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkWheres my pitches at7Scared Hitless10
05/01/20197:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkHit Squad10Hitmen5
05/08/20196:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkScared Hitless8M&S Counseling9
05/08/20197:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkHitmen12Wheres my pitches at9
05/08/20198:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkHit Squad16Balls Deep6
05/08/20199:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkGVS16Sons of Pitches3
05/15/20196:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkHitmen8Balls Deep2
05/15/20197:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkScared Hitless11Sons of Pitches2
05/15/20198:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkHit Squad16GVS6
05/15/20199:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkWheres my pitches at0M&S Counseling12
05/22/20196:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkBalls Deep0Wheres my pitches at0
05/22/20197:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkM&S Counseling0Sons of Pitches0
05/22/20198:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkHitmen0GVS0
05/22/20199:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkScared Hitless0Hit Squad0
05/29/20196:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkWheres my pitches at0Sons of Pitches0
05/29/20197:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkHitmen0Scared Hitless0
05/29/20198:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkM&S Counseling0Hit Squad0
05/29/20199:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkBalls Deep0GVS0
06/05/20196:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSons of Pitches0Hit Squad0
06/05/20197:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkBalls Deep0Scared Hitless0
06/05/20198:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkGVS0Wheres my pitches at0
06/05/20199:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkM&S Counseling0Hitmen0
06/12/20196:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSons of Pitches0Hitmen0
06/12/20197:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkBalls Deep0M&S Counseling0
06/12/20198:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkWheres my pitches at0Hit Squad0
06/12/20199:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkGVS0Scared Hitless0
06/19/20196:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkSons of Pitches0Balls Deep0
06/19/20197:30PWestside Pk Dmnd@Westside ParkGVS0M&S Counseling0
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