League Details:  Monday Night Church Fellowship

Dates: 07/30/18 - 09/10/18

#Team NameTeam ColorWLTWin Pct.StandingSportsmanship ScorePrimary Contact
3Greenwood Christian Church
600 1.001 0.00N/A
9Fairhaven Christian
510 0.832 0.00N/A
510 0.833 0.00N/A
11Center UMCRed420 0.674 0.00N/A
4Greenwood Church #1
420 0.675 0.00N/A
420 0.676 0.00N/A
15Southeast BaptistBlue/Green420 0.677 0.00N/A
8New Life Fellowship
420 0.678 0.00N/A
330 0.509 0.00N/A
14Indian Creek 2
330 0.5010 0.00N/A
1IBT 2
240 0.3311 0.00N/A
16Greenwood Church #2
240 0.3312 0.00N/A
13Indian Creek 1
150 0.1713 0.00N/A
10Fishers of MenOrange150 0.1714 0.00N/A
6SouthlandBlue/Greg060 0.0015 0.00N/A
7Suburban Baptist ChuBlue and Yellow060 0.0016 0.00N/A


League Schedule For:  Monday Night Church Fellowship

DatetimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
08/06/20186:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkGreenwood Church #19Center UMC7
08/06/20186:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkSouthland1Fairhaven Christian15
08/06/20187:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkCCML7Indian Creek 16
08/06/20187:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkGreenwood Christian Church16Faith6
08/06/20188:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkSoutheast Baptist13IBT 25
08/06/20188:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkRLC12Fishers of Men6
08/06/20189:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkGreenwood Church #217Indian Creek 221
08/06/20189:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkSuburban Baptist Chu12New Life Fellowship20
08/07/20186:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkIBT 217Greenwood Church #25
08/07/20186:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkCCML9Southeast Baptist10
08/07/20187:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkGreenwood Church #111Fishers of Men6
08/07/20187:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkSuburban Baptist Chu5Indian Creek 110
08/07/20188:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkRLC4Faith12
08/07/20188:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkSouthland18Center UMC19
08/07/20189:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkGreenwood Christian Church18Indian Creek 28
08/07/20189:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkNew Life Fellowship22Fairhaven Christian19
08/13/20186:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkRLC7New Life Fellowship3
08/13/20186:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkGreenwood Church #112Fairhaven Christian16
08/13/20187:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkIBT 26Indian Creek 221
08/13/20187:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkCCML17Center UMC15
08/13/20188:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkGreenwood Christian Church11Fishers of Men1
08/13/20188:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkSoutheast Baptist39Indian Creek 15
08/13/20189:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkSouthland5Faith20
08/13/20189:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkGreenwood Church #216Suburban Baptist Chu7
08/20/20186:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkGreenwood Church #24Fishers of Men15
08/20/20186:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkIndian Creek 26Faith18
08/20/20187:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkSoutheast Baptist4Center UMC12
08/20/20187:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkRLC17Southland5
08/20/20188:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkGreenwood Church #117Suburban Baptist Chu2
08/20/20188:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkGreenwood Christian Church8New Life Fellowship6
08/20/20189:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkCCML2Fairhaven Christian14
08/20/20189:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkIndian Creek 110IBT 211
08/27/20186:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkGreenwood Christian Church14Southland3
08/27/20186:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkIndian Creek 12Center UMC12
08/27/20187:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkIndian Creek 219Fishers of Men6
08/27/20187:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkSoutheast Baptist3Fairhaven Christian15
08/27/20188:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkGreenwood Church #28New Life Fellowship9
08/27/20188:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkCCML13Suburban Baptist Chu8
08/27/20189:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkIBT 210Faith18
08/27/20189:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkGreenwood Church #117RLC4
09/17/20186:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkSoutheast Baptist7Suburban Baptist Chu0
09/17/20186:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkFaith7Fishers of Men0
09/17/20187:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkIndian Creek 15Fairhaven Christian15
09/17/20187:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkIndian Creek 212New Life Fellowship15
09/17/20188:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkCenter UMC22IBT 27
09/17/20188:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkGreenwood Church #214Southland12
09/17/20189:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkCCML7RLC16
09/17/20189:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkGreenwood Christian Church17Greenwood Church #114
09/24/20186:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkNew Life Fellowship0Fairhaven Christian0
09/24/20186:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkFishers of Men0IBT 20
09/24/20187:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkCenter UMC0Faith0
09/24/20187:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkSouthland0Indian Creek 20
09/24/20188:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkRLC0Greenwood Church #10
09/24/20188:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkSuburban Baptist Chu0CCML0
09/24/20189:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkSoutheast Baptist0Greenwood Christian Church0
09/24/20189:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkIndian Creek 10Greenwood Church #20
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