League Details:  Wed. Men's Recreation

Dates: 04/26/17 - 06/07/17

#Team NameTeam ColorWLTWin Pct.StandingSportsmanship ScorePrimary Contact
1Team Rod
710 0.881 0.00N/A
4Blue Star Concrete
710 0.882 0.00N/A
2Where My Pitches At?
440 0.503 0.00N/A
5How Bow DahBlack440 0.504 0.00N/A
6Indy KingsBlue and gold440 0.505 0.00N/A
260 0.256 0.00N/A
3MoneyballGreen080 0.007 0.00N/A


League Schedule For:  Wed. Men's Recreation

DatetimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
04/26/20176:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkWhere My Pitches At?16Dingers19
04/26/20177:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkMoneyball13Indy Kings15
04/26/20178:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkBlue Star Concrete13How Bow Dah3
04/26/20179:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkTeam Rod13How Bow Dah6
05/10/20176:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkWhere My Pitches At?15Moneyball14
05/10/20177:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkDingers15Moneyball11
05/10/20178:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkTeam Rod14Blue Star Concrete3
05/10/20179:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkHow Bow Dah0Indy Kings15
05/17/20176:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkTeam Rod13Where My Pitches At?3
05/17/20177:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkWhere My Pitches At?19Indy Kings14
05/17/20178:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkBlue Star Concrete19Dingers2
05/17/20179:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkMoneyball9How Bow Dah20
05/31/20176:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkTeam Rod16How Bow Dah29
05/31/20177:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkWhere My Pitches At?11Dingers9
05/31/20178:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkIndy Kings8Blue Star Concrete19
05/31/20179:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkMoneyball7Blue Star Concrete17
06/07/20176:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkMoneyball9Indy Kings14
06/07/20177:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkTeam Rod5Indy Kings3
06/07/20178:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkWhere My Pitches At?17How Bow Dah10
06/07/20179:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkBlue Star Concrete26Dingers9
06/14/20176:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkMoneyball9Blue Star Concrete17
06/21/20176:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkHow Bow Dah14Dingers11
06/21/20177:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkIndy Kings19Dingers8
06/21/20178:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkTeam Rod18Moneyball1
06/21/20179:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkWhere My Pitches At?20Blue Star Concrete21
06/28/20176:30PCraig Park Diamond 2@Craig ParkWhere My Pitches At?14How Bow Dah21
06/28/20178:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkDingers5Team Rod18
06/28/20179:30PNortheast Pk Dmnd@Northeast ParkTeam Rod11Indy Kings10
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